In the United State, and recently in

France, we just assist to a surprising

expression of democracy by

confounding all surveys and mediatic


The new communication and information ways, in

particular the social network, showed their power but also their limits and dangers. Their development is so fast that it shakes up the society rules.

We can approve or not each other choices, be worry about them, and despite the imperfections of our politic systems, we have to realize the chance we have to be living in Democracy. Even if it’s not the best system, it’s not the worst.

However, the prosperity of our system and its capacities to evolve and adapt to the situation are conditioned, in a large way, by the electors knowledge and understanding of the social, politics, religious and economics realities. And also by the capacity of the citizens to sort through the massive information they access to.

In any country or culture, an efficient educational system which is available to develop curiosity, thinking spirit and to transmit values and moral is a fundamental condition of Democracy development.

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