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Join us on Teaming !

By donating 1€ per month to DÉFI !

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Make a donation on Hello Asso to support DEFI and its projects !

For THEM ...

There are a thousand reasons to give, generosity is the thread that leads to the realization of the projects.


A society is the result of joint and individual actions, each one of us is going through his own choice, and can act. Make a donation of money, make a gift of itself, starting with DEFI... is take care of society, give a sensitive face, respect differences, let our world going well or better in a context calling the courage to "do well".


Share, love, make a gift, give ... are words that make sense with DEFI. So join us andgive your support to our actions.

For YOU ...

The challenge is big and there is so much to achieve.

If you are an individual : 66% of the amount of your donation for the benefit of the NGOs DEFI will be deducted from your income tax (we deliver a tax receipt). For example, a donation of € 100 will actually cost you only € 44.

If you are a company : 60% of the amount of your donation will be deducted from your income tax.

"What you keep to yourself, you lose.
But what you give will be yours for eternity."


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