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Christophe BIAYS

Christophe BIAYS is, since 2009, the president of DEFI. Son of Michel Biays, he has been present at his father's side since the beginning of DEFI. Involved in the association for 30 years, he fights daily for education in 4 of the poorest countries in the world.


He says: "Development results from the knowledge and understanding that a society has of itself and its environment; then from its ability to organize itself to meet the challenges it faces".



Career : Former director of development projects in Haiti, Madagascar, Senegal, Mauritania and the Philippines for 15 years, founder of the NGO Avana-Iredec.


Hanta has been the director of DEFI since 2010. Originally from Madagascar, she has been directly confronted with the problems of education in her country. Thanks to her experience and her great professional background, she uses her knowledge day after day to help develop the poorest countries in the world. 



She says: "We live in a country, but the human being is a whole. Unfortunately, it is a whole filled with inequalities that must be fought. This is our fight."

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